The Beginning

This blog is beyond long overdue…

I’ve had the desire to create this here blog for almost four months now. Ideas have flown in and out of my mind. I’d be sitting there, reflecting on the blog-to-be, getting all excited and then *flop* I would carry on with life. I’d continue with the lifestyle of procrastination I was always so quick to deny. It’s a sad thing, though. Procrastination. We all indulge in it and, most of the time, we don’t realize the damage of our actions until it’s too late. By then, we’re so deep in denial we try and cover up the truth with different kinds of things.

I urge you right now…if you have a brilliant idea… DON’T STORE IT AWAY IN YOUR MIND. It will sit there and become more and more irrelevant by the day until it becomes nothing but a mention in a conversation years later.

“I had this amazing idea once but I just didn’t feel like it would go anywhere…”

Sound familiar? Don’t fall into the trap of “It won’t work”. We live in a world where anything can be achieved if we put our mind to it – and the hard work.


A friend of mine recently got accepted into one of the top Universities in South Africa for Marine Biology. Please take note that when she matriculated, she hadn’t done science. Well in one year she managed to learn and understand 3 year’s worth of Physics and Chemistry. That required a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication. She’s my inspiration and I hope she sees this.

This blog is going to require a lot of hard work. I realize that. But it won’t go anywhere without your support…

Tell your friends about this. Like this blog. Comment. Please comment. Your comments are the inspiration for my next post. True story.

“Mind My Mind But…” is a blog that will voice the thoughts, reflections, and observations I hear, see, am told of, and experience. Meaning: Your views will play an important role in this blog.

I aim to inspire…to evoke emotion and provoke thought…

I sure hope that I’ll be able to do so…


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