Food For Thought: A Disgruntled Mind

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foodforthoughtOnce again: Thank you for each and every one of you who’s supporting this blog! It’s going somewhere – I promise!

Chipz xX


I look around me. I look behind me. I look in front of me. I look to the left. I look to the right.

Yes, that really does sound like a lot of looking, doesn’t it? Well there’s more to the looking than what meets the eye. I am searching. I am currently and continuously searching for a sliver of hope in this world I live in. I am searching thoroughly for the potential that lies within all of my peers around me. I see the potential but it’s buried down so deep inside. It’s buried inside the nonsense people concern themselves with. All around me I see CEO’s. I see business tycoons. Incredible designers. Intellectual advocates. Ground-breaking architects. Thought-provoking writers. I see the greatness that my generation is made of.

That, however, is not all that I see.

I see people who are so absorbed in the world of “Y.O.L.O”.

Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once. Drake-inspired. Forever desired. Always uttered. Believe me when I say this: When the word “Y.O.L.O” comes out of any young person’s mouth, you better believe that they are about to do the worst thing known to mankind. It’s funny how the concept of “living life to the fullest” has gone from being about reaching your full potential, to being about drinking yourself into the ultimate oblivion.

Girls seem to have hung up their potential and have now decided to settle for the guy who can “provide” for them. The funny thing is we still want to call ourselves “Independent Women”. Newsflash ladies: You aren’t independent if you’re constantly depending on someone else to support you and all you’re doing for him is making him look and feel good. It really is sad. We have so many beautiful, powerful women out there in our generation. Women who will supercede the great women of today – women like Angela Merkel, MichelleObama, and Graca Machel. Unfortunately, girls of today are too busy thinking of being as “sexy” and outrageous as stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Gentlemen. I hate to think that I’m using that word in a generation where one can count the number of gentlemen out there on two hands. Boys, who are capable of becoming the next Richard Branson or Warren Buffet, are too busy thinking about “scooping up the hottest honey out there”. Funny enough, go onto theseboys’ Facebook profiles and you’ll see them claiming that they’re going to be the next Bill Gates. This would be a good time to say “Earth to the “Real g’s”” – Read the biography of Bill Gates first before you start comparing yourself to him.

Our generation isn’t all too bad, though. There are those people out there who have decided to be different. There are young people out there who will become greater than those around them within the next few years – months even. We live in a fast world. We live in a world full of opportunities. There are young people out there who have realized this and are doing something about it.

I wish to see more kids doing this. I pray that the generation of today will look past the capricious things of today.

Because at the end of the day, when those things are gone, what will the world see? Who will the world see?

Before the attacks come – I am merely observing. Half these observations are observations I relate to. I am a disgruntled kid because I once was one of those kids who was focused on the “party of tomorrow”. I’m now set on the path of today and I’d love to see everyone else doing so.

I’m not perfect. Just pained. We can’t let all our potential go to waste.

We just can’t.


Valentine’s Day. What’s it to you?

Friends! Family! New People! Old People! Lovers! Haters – I just had to!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it one million times this week but that’s not going to stop me! “Happy Valentine’s Day” – well Belated Valentine’s Day. Image


My word what a week it has been. My ears are ringing and my eyes are stinging from all the

“I don’t have a Valentine…Forever Alone”

and the

“Screw Valentine’s Day, it’s overrated!”

and of course

“Awww, best boyfriend everrrrrr!!!! Valentine’s Day Rocks!”

In other words…I think we can finally lay Valentine’s Day to rest…for the next 360-what what days. Right? Wrong! Because this post here is another Valentine’s-related post.

“Agh Chipo, but why?”

Well because I’m a curious person. What has that got to do with anything? Lots! Before I continue – I’ve had two cups of coffee and I am sensitive to caffeine and sugar – hence the abundant expressionism and enthusiasm. Anyway.

Like I said a few lines before – I am a curious person. I enjoy understanding people and why people do things. I like to know people’s reasons for their actions, beliefs, opinions, and statements. Why? Well because it allows me to understand situations. Instead of being highly ignorant and judgemental, I’d rather be more understanding and a little less judgemental. Anyway, for the past two weeks I’ve had a particular question on my mind:

  • What is the square root of pi?


The actual question was:

  • Valentine’s Day? What’s it to you?

We could argue end on end on whether that’s a question or two questions but no! No time for grammar Nazi’s and anal-retentive spell-checkers –  sorry in advance for offending any over-eager error detectors.

So I asked myself that question. “Valentine’s Day, Chipo? What’s it to you?”

Want the answer? Here it is (Really…click it!):

Anyway… I wasn’t satisfied. One does not simply accept one’s own opinion and move one! (That’s a CB quote right there!). So I decided to ask a few people what Valentine’s Day was to them. I received a few answers – I did only ask a few people after all. I also happened to garner some of these views from social networks.

“Valentine’s Day is nothing but a day dedicated to consumerism and mindless infatuation mistaken for ‘love’.”

I had to agree to an extent. Some people took the day way overboard…but who am I (we) to judge? If it’s love, it’s love. If it’s mindless infatuation shem. As for consumerism…well…can’t disagree there now can I? A moment of silence for the maxed out cards and empty wallets. Image

Onto another one!

“It’s just another day to me…the clock keeps ticking!”

I found this particular tweet/status rather amusing because suddenly the sentimentality and affection soon took over this person’s updates when they seemed to receive gifts. It’s true though…the clock keeps ticking…dogs keep barking…life continues to go on.

Last cynical one:

“Valentine’s Day is a day where side chicks finally realize what they are…”

A moment of silence for all the “small houses” who saw the light. Another moment of silence for those who still remain in oblivion. As for the guys and girls who managed to send gifts to all their lovers…

Moving along swiftly!

Another interesting view came in the form of a poem from a friend of mine – Ernest Mackina. Food for thought indeed! Please do check it out:

Hey! Check it out!


The points of view continue:

“Valentine’s Day to me is about love. It’s a day of love and when you have a dude, well it’s about you both appreciating each other and showing each other just how much you care for one another. It’s not all about the gifts and receiving a rose. It’s more than that. A gift and a rose are just icing on the cake. It’s about the romance, atmosphere and the color red. On Valentine’s Day it’s when you think of what you have been through with your loved one – or ones – and celebrate your togetherness. Yep that’s about it. But the one thing people forget is that there is more to Valentine’s Day than a bouquet of roses.”

What Valentines Day means to me?…Valentines Day is a day for me to spend time with my family and the people I love. It is a chance for me to show the people I love how much I love and appreciate them. I also use it to appreciate and be grateful for the people I have around me who truly care about me, and always have my best interests in mind. Therefore, Valentines Day, to me, is a day to spend with people who make you a better person and to show the people I love just how much I appreciate them!”

This one, I have to admit, was my favorite one:

“Valentine’s Day is everyday. If its a day spent with the person you love or like being around then why spend it on just 1 day that comes every year. We should spend Valentine’s Day everyday, that comes every year. The story behind Valentine’s Day is the same role play as Romeo and Juliet… The love Valentinus had for Asterius’s daughter. The love they shared… Now if it’s the love they shared that means we should share our love like they did and not on 1 specific day. Everyday…”


So I’ve given you a few quotes from a few people and you’ve obviously agreed and disagreed with them. Strange enough…I read them all and I agreed with all of them.

Valentine’s day is a day where consumerism wears its Sunday Best and goes frolicking about town. People spend ridiculous sums of cash on their loved ones. It is a day where mindless infatuation roams the earth. But…and I do mean but…these purchased goods are an expression of affection. Come now, you felt good when you got that rose. You felt sour when you didn’t get a gift. Sure people do throw out the cash…but what about that one person who bought a simple rose because they felt inspired to do so on the day? What about the hand-made gift a child made for their crush?

As for mindless infatuation…”each to their own”. What is it to you whether someone else is in love or not? Who are you? Judgerus – supreme court judge of love? This where I say sit down and mind your own business and let other people learn. You were like that once, weren’t you? I can already feel the resentment! Hehe!

Valentine’s Day is a day of revelation to some. Some learn that their lover wasn’t the one after all. Some learn to be grateful. Some learn to be selfless. Some learn that they weren’t the “main” person after all. 

It’s a day to show everyone you love that you love them. Not just on that day but everyday. Family. Friends.

It’s a day to reflect on and celebrate the times with your significant other.

It’s a day there to show you that love is there. I’m sorry but in this world full of cynicism and trouble – I don’t mind a soppy lovey dovey day like this!

But face it: whether you like it or not. V-Day has an effect on you in one way or the other. Hate it or love it. It evokes thought. It inspires emotion. It makes you do something -be it proclaim or protest.

That’s all for now!

Lot’s of Love!



Why Valentine’s Day?

Writing this post was exhausting. My brain is going to shut down on me by the time I’m done. The moment February came, I knew. I already knew that I was going to blog about for the next couple of weeks. What kind of writer would I be if I decided to forego the topic that is on every person’s tongue, Twitter, and Timeline: Valentine’s Day. I’ve been frantic all week. For the first time since I’d started this blog – I was blank. I had no idea what I was going to write.

My mind was putting me on pressure. “No Chipo, you can’t write about anything else! It’s Valentine’s Month! You can’t just bypass that and act like no one will notice!”

I kid you not, the past few days have not been pleasant. I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere. Music. Movies. Twitter. Facebook. Books. Radio. TV shows. You name it. So, Wednesday night came and I decided to try to write my weekly post. I was blank. I was border line frantic. Suddenly, a very harsh – yet highly necessary – thought interrupted my frenzy.why

“Why? Why all this fuss?”

Why do we make such a big deal about this day we call Valentine’s Day? Why do we go to the ends of the earth just to make sure that we please a significant (or even an insignificant) other on this particular day out of the 365 (and sometimes 366) days of the year? It feels as if human beings store up all of their emotions and sentimentality as they wait for February 14 to arrive. We’ve lost sight of the purpose of the day. I’m not going to explain it. Google it. Use your internet for something other than filling your social profiles with your views on and plans for Valentine’s Day.

This year seems to be the year of going all out because I’ve already heard some ridiculous demands and requests some people are planning for their significant other. Now I understand why so many relationships go down the cosmic drain after this highly commercialized day has passed.


Before you start to hurl comments at me like “Chipo, you’re such a cynic!” just wait! I am not anti-Valentine’s Day. Heck, I don’t even think I’m for it. What I’m all for is expressing how you feel not because of what day it is but because you genuinely want to. Go and buy those one thousand roses. Book that wonderful dinner. Rent out those beautifully sappy romantic movies. Do it because you care for the person. Don’t do it because “it’s Valentine’s Day”. Why wait for a publicly decreed day to show your affection? Come on now people…we’re way past the days of being global sheep – or at least I’d like to think that.

As the week goes by and we near that fateful day, take some time to reflect on your plans, demands, and requests. Ladies – don’t make outrageous requests so that he can “show you that it’s real”. If it really was real, you wouldn’t need to resort to emptying his wallet just to make sure that he’s serious about you. Appreciate the gift he gets you! The fact that he was thinking about you – says a lot. There’s no need to pull out that “Gold-Digger Today” card. Let’s try enjoying the moment for once, huh? For the right reasons too. 

Men – Valentine’s Day isn’t your ticket to getting her in bed. I’m being real here. Don’t rely on this one day to woo that lady. Don’t fight with her either just to get out of doing something for her. Man up. – I can already feel the resentment coming my way!

Couples, don’t go all out on that one day and then resume with being dysfunctional. Be real.

Single folk, don’t go down the hater route. You know, the whole – “I’m so over Valentine’s Day. Who needs it?” facade.

Actually scratch that. It’s okay to dislike Valentine’s Day. Hey that’s your choice. But there’s no need to belittle those who do enjoy the day. You’ve got your choices and they have theirs. It’s life. Smile!images (1)

Before this turns into a soap box, what I’m trying to say is: Just be real. Take it as every other day. It’s okay to do something special, but don’t throw your entire life into it – there is, after all, February 15…16…17…and the rest of the year to go through. So before you make your plans, take a bit of time to think:

“Why now? Why Valentine’s Day?”. Know what you’re doing before you do it. Have fun. Enjoy the day with friends, family, your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. But make sure you let the person know that affection is constant everyday. If you can love them on Valentine’s day, you can definitely love them any other day.

“”When you love someone, you love all of them… you gotta love everything about them, not just the good things but the bad things too. The things that you find lovable and the things you don’t.” – Estelle, Valentine’s Day (The movie)”

A Poem For All of The Beautiful Ladies and Girls Out There

**The DownLow**

A dedication to all the girls out there who don’t realize how special they really are. This is for the abused, the confused, the insecure, the unsure, and any other lady out there who just needs a boost every now and then. So all you young flowers out there – keep standing. Keep showing the world your colours. You are beautiful. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.



Chipz xX


Young Flower


Young flower with your colours – so beautiful. So bright.

You continue to radiate your beauty be it day or night.

Seasons change, yet still you remain

In the multitudes of monotonous green we still see you.


Young flower so bright and bold.

Time’s flown by and you’ve definitely grown.

Your colours still so radiant. Still so bright.

Young flower hear my plea – Don’t lose your light.


Young flower things are not the same.

Your petals have faded. Your colours are dull.

The winds have overwhelmed you. So has the rain.

Young flower please get up. Shine again.


Young flower where have you gone?

 Young flower how could you go?

Young flower you were an inspiration.

A true example of nature’s dedication.


Young flower though you may not be here with me.

I still see you ever so clearly.

In  my mind. In my heart.

Young flower, from within me, your memory will never




Enough is Enough.

*** Chipo’s Note ***

Once again – thank you for all your support. I know I’d said that this post was going to be Valentine’s Day – oriented but I had to sideline that post for this one. This one was just too important for me to ignore.


This past weekend, a 17-year old girl by the name of Anene Booysen, was gang-raped and mutilated by a group of men. She died as a result of her severe injuries a few days ago. This has sparked both national and international outrage and a cry for the harshest punishment for these savages can be heard from everywhere.Image

Every four minutes a woman is raped. Every four minutes a woman goes to report that she has been raped. Only one in nine women will report that she has been raped.

I have often been disturbed by the facts that I’ve learned when it comes to the abuse and rape of women – regardless of their age. I’m even more disturbed when I can say that I personally know at least five girls – yes, girls – who have been raped before they even reached the age of 12. I’ve lost count of the number of girls I know who have been abused in one way or another. Sad thing is you probably do too.

On my campus, I know at least 10 girls who have been beaten, raped, verbally abused, and/or emotionally abused. Let me make that 20 girls. I’m using the word girls because that was exactly what they were when it happened. Grown “men” and stupid boys – I’m referring to their abusers not the male population, so please remain calm – decided that they were going to rob these beautiful girls of their innocence, their identity, their peace, and their security.

The saddest and probably most twisted thing is the fact that that isn’t the main thing that bothers me. I’ve lost count of the numerous conversations where I’ve heard

“Ah yeah, that guy gave her the klap (slap/beating) yesterday!” People gasped. People laughed. And then they moved on. A girl was gang-raped a few months ago – I will not elaborate on the circumstances. It was the topic of every conversation for a couple of days and then *poof* everyone forgot. No one even bothered to find out who she was. Many people just lit a match and walked away. The most incredulous thing, however, is that while police were searching for the suspects people refused to give their whereabouts. With my own two eyes, I saw at least two of the suspects hanging out, acting like nothing had happened.

A friend of mine was almost raped by her friend’s boyfriend a couple of years ago. They were all hanging out – there were about ten of them. She had too much too drink and went to lie down.

The door opened all of a sudden and I saw a guy walk in. I thought nothing of it; I thought he’d come to check if I’d thrown up or something. Suddenly, my tights were gone and soon I felt my underwear being pulled of. I tried to protest, I know I said no. Suddenly, I felt something and I screamed. I screamed until I couldn’t scream anymore. He disappeared into the numbers of people that came in to check on me. At first, no one believed me because they thought I was drunk. But the next morning, when they asked me if I remembered anything, I nodded and glared at them. I’d heard everything they’d said. A few days later, everyone was acting like nothing happened. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. I trusted these people. I thought they meant it when they said they had my back. But I was almost raped whilst they were in the next room. What did they do? They dusted the situation under the carpet and hoped that I’d never bring it up again.”

I don’t think I need to express any thought. You read it. This was not some random person mentioned in the newspaper. This was a girl I hold closely to my heart. Heck, a number of my peers know her too.

We need to stop acting like rape is something that we turn a blind eye to. We need to stop endorsing rape by acting like the offenders “made a mistake”. By refusing to go to the police and reporting an offender, you’re denying someone the right to seeking justice. Rape happens everywhere – all the time. Parties. Clubs. Schools. The workplace.

“That’s not true, Chipo! I would know by now if something like that had happened!”

Are you sure about that?

In my small high school of about 400 people, several girls have been subject to being taken advantage of. The university attend – I think almost half the girls have been raped, abused, or have come close to being put in such a situation. I am not making this up. I have heard the stories. I have seen the tears. I’ve seen the pain.

There are way too many girls and women suffering in silence out there and that just isn’t okay. There are too many guys out there who think that it’s okay to push a girl around or take advantage of her because “She was asking for it anyway”. That is sick. That is twisted. That is unacceptable. The rumors  The laughter. The mockery. It has to end now. It is not okay for a girl to get beaten up and everyone laughs about it. It is not okay for a girl to be raped just because she had too much to drink – I’m not condoning the drinking, take note of that. I am just saying that rape and abuse is inexcusable – no matter what the circumstances are.

Lastly, as I close, I want you to think of a lady or girl that you hold close to your heart – be it your mother, your sister, your cousin, best friend, etc. Imagine if you were to hear that she’d been raped or beaten up – or even both. You wouldn’t care about the circumstances. You wouldn’t care about whether she was sober or not. You would be too damn angry at the savage that could have done that to her. If you already know of a loved one who has been subject to such – like I do – then I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say enough is enough.

Ladies – you have a right to say no. No matter what anyone says – you did not ask for it. Men – to those of you who respect women and can see that there is something very wrong with the world we live in – keep stepping up.

Everyone – to those of you who know of someone who has ever been abusive (physically, sexually, etc.) and you haven’t done anything about it – I hate to say it but shame on you. Step up and save other women and children and even men from these monsters.

Enough is enough. It’s time we put a stop to all this senselessness.

Weekly writing challenge: Saying Goodbye

One of the most touching things I’ve read in a very long time…

Cultural Life

aaron-cadeyrn-62246 (1)

When I saw this week’s writing challenge from The Daily Post, I planned to write a fun story about the characters in the photo prompt. But then I thought about the wider theme I interpreted in the picture: saying farewell.

The people in the photo could be greeting each other, I suppose, but to me it looks like they are saying goodbye. So, instead of the fiction I intended to write, this real-life story about a difficult departure spilled out onto the page. I don’t often blog about my life and this is the most personal post I have written so far.

It was a rainy morning a few days before Christmas Day, the roads slick with water, when I drove to the hospital to say goodbye to my mother.

The phone call had come late at night. The life-saving surgery would most likely go ahead the next morning…

View original post 496 more words

Why Settle For Peanuts?

*** Chipo’s Note ***

You’re all awesome people! Every single one of you that continues to come and read what I post. Thank you.


I’d like to share a story of mine with you. This happened two months ago. I’d recently stumbled upon a website – What is oDesk? According to

oDesk is the world’s largest online freelancing site where clients and over half a million contractors from around the world are brought together in a cyber-office environment. Freelance work is offered by clients who can post jobs free so that contractors can competitively bid for them.”

In Chipo’s words: oDesk is a place – online – where people can post jobs for free and contractors (freelancers) apply for the job and hope that they get it. The clients put up a job description that entails what they want from the contractor, the experience the contractor must have, and how much the client is going to pay.

When I first saw oDesk I thought “Ha! This is awesome! I can make money with my writing skills!” oDesk does, after all, have a category for those who write – ranging from Blog and Article Writing to Creative Writing and many other forms of writing. So I signed up quickly and filled out my profile. Once that was done, I started to look for potential jobs. My excitement soon died down when I noticed that most of these clients were looking for people with “serious experience”. Any jobs that I could actually apply for already had 50 applicants and my optimism wasn’t strong enough for me to be applicant 51 (let’s be serious now). After an hour of searching, I was about to give up when I saw the heading “Seeking Newbie Writers”.

“Hey!” I thought. “I’m a newbie writer! I can do this!” I clicked on the title and began to read the job description. The client was looking for writers to write articles for him. He was charging a buck an article. My mind accepted that for some reason. “Hey, Chipo, you have to start small sometimes, don’t ya?” I thought that was a good explanation so I wrote up my application and sent it. The client replied within an hour. He’d liked the samples I offered and wanted to test my abilities but first I had to answer a series of questions. The questions were harmless.

“Do you agree to give the rights of these articles to me?” “What are you comfortable with writing about?” “How long have you been writing for?” “What experience do you have?”

I answered the questions easily – and honestly. I didn’t mind handing over the rights of the articles. I mean hey, what was I going to do with them anyway? I said that I was comfortable with writing about anything – as long as it wasn’t inappropriate (you know anything defamatory and/or explicit). I said that I’d been writing for about 8 years – but not as a professional article writer or anything of the sort. I said I had no experience but I was a quick learner and I believed that my talent would supersede my lacking experience. I waited for the response anxiously.

It came.

The client was happy with my answers and decided to put me on a trial run. If I passed, I’d be paid for the articles. I jumped for joy and waited for the topics. The topics came at 4 in the morning. They were about bar-code technology. I had to write about two different types of bar-codes. I could have died right then and there. What the heck did I know about bar-code technology?! I couldn’t tell him that I was clueless. I wanted the job so badly. So I began the work. I researched and researched and researched until I could find bits and pieces I could work with. I went back to oDesk and asked the client when the articles were due. They were due in 24 hours. I gulped. I had 24 hours to write two 600 word articles on bar-code technology. By the end of it, I was tired, drained and full of information on bar-codes  I sent the articles. Two days later the client got back to me. I’d passed. I smiled. But my smile soon faded when I realized that I’d only made 2 measly dollar. After all that hard work? I couldn’t complain, though. I’d signed up for it.

The client sent me another message informing me on the way things would work. He would send me twenty articles at the beginning of the week and I’d have to have them in every Wednesday and Sunday. I could feel my brain deflating. This was going to be harder than I thought. I decided to go with it, though. By the end of one week and a half I’d managed to burn myself out to a point of absolute no return. I was always tired. I was always stressed. If I wasn’t in class I was in my room, typing away – about more damn bar-codes. I’d missed a deadline and the client put me on probation. Suddenly I was getting more articles than usual.

Someone special to me sat me down after becoming fed up with the way I was overworking myself.

“Chipo, this is slavery,” they said. “You’re making like 5 lousy bucks for all this work? You and I both know that you and your talent are worth more than this.”

It literally dawned upon me that very second. They were right. I picked myself up and within a few days I’d resigned. I tried to look for other jobs but I soon noticed that many of these people were trying to get people to do their lousy work for a lousy pay. I haven’t been back to oDesk in a while and I think I’ll keep it that way. I don’t have anything against the site. It works – if you have the time, skill and dedication – and desperation (joke). I just wasn’t up for the whole “Subjecting myself to a slave driver” thing.Image

And neither should you. I know I am a talented individual. My writing is worth reading and is definitely worth more than $1 an article. We are all blessed with talents. Don’t you try come here and tell me you aren’t gifted in some area of life. You are. If you don’t know it yet, well start doing things until you find your niche. Many people will see your talents and they will want to exploit them. The sad thing is, these people are so good they’ll make it seem like they’re doing you a favor. They are not doing you a favor. 

You can’t avoid these people though if you don’t know the worth of the talent and gift you possess. So go out there and realize it. Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep running. Keep being the people person you are. Keep doing it until you finally realize that “Hey, I’m awesome.” I’m not telling you to be arrogant. I’m just telling you to acknowledge the fact that you are gifted and the world should know it.

Even as you go out there to work keep in mind that you do not need to subject yourself to manipulation and exploitation in order to go somewhere. You don’t always have to start small. I know I don’t. I’m a big dreamer and a big achiever. Why should I suddenly reduce the level of my abilities?

Anyway. I am sure you’ve got the point now. Don’t trade your valuable talents, gifts and abilities for peanuts. 

You’re worth so much more.Image