A Poem For All of The Beautiful Ladies and Girls Out There

**The DownLow**

A dedication to all the girls out there who don’t realize how special they really are. This is for the abused, the confused, the insecure, the unsure, and any other lady out there who just needs a boost every now and then. So all you young flowers out there – keep standing. Keep showing the world your colours. You are beautiful. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.



Chipz xX


Young Flower


Young flower with your colours – so beautiful. So bright.

You continue to radiate your beauty be it day or night.

Seasons change, yet still you remain

In the multitudes of monotonous green we still see you.


Young flower so bright and bold.

Time’s flown by and you’ve definitely grown.

Your colours still so radiant. Still so bright.

Young flower hear my plea – Don’t lose your light.


Young flower things are not the same.

Your petals have faded. Your colours are dull.

The winds have overwhelmed you. So has the rain.

Young flower please get up. Shine again.


Young flower where have you gone?

 Young flower how could you go?

Young flower you were an inspiration.

A true example of nature’s dedication.


Young flower though you may not be here with me.

I still see you ever so clearly.

In  my mind. In my heart.

Young flower, from within me, your memory will never





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