Food For Thought: A Disgruntled Mind

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I look around me. I look behind me. I look in front of me. I look to the left. I look to the right.

Yes, that really does sound like a lot of looking, doesn’t it? Well there’s more to the looking than what meets the eye. I am searching. I am currently and continuously searching for a sliver of hope in this world I live in. I am searching thoroughly for the potential that lies within all of my peers around me. I see the potential but it’s buried down so deep inside. It’s buried inside the nonsense people concern themselves with. All around me I see CEO’s. I see business tycoons. Incredible designers. Intellectual advocates. Ground-breaking architects. Thought-provoking writers. I see the greatness that my generation is made of.

That, however, is not all that I see.

I see people who are so absorbed in the world of “Y.O.L.O”.

Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once. Drake-inspired. Forever desired. Always uttered. Believe me when I say this: When the word “Y.O.L.O” comes out of any young person’s mouth, you better believe that they are about to do the worst thing known to mankind. It’s funny how the concept of “living life to the fullest” has gone from being about reaching your full potential, to being about drinking yourself into the ultimate oblivion.

Girls seem to have hung up their potential and have now decided to settle for the guy who can “provide” for them. The funny thing is we still want to call ourselves “Independent Women”. Newsflash ladies: You aren’t independent if you’re constantly depending on someone else to support you and all you’re doing for him is making him look and feel good. It really is sad. We have so many beautiful, powerful women out there in our generation. Women who will supercede the great women of today – women like Angela Merkel, MichelleObama, and Graca Machel. Unfortunately, girls of today are too busy thinking of being as “sexy” and outrageous as stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Gentlemen. I hate to think that I’m using that word in a generation where one can count the number of gentlemen out there on two hands. Boys, who are capable of becoming the next Richard Branson or Warren Buffet, are too busy thinking about “scooping up the hottest honey out there”. Funny enough, go onto theseboys’ Facebook profiles and you’ll see them claiming that they’re going to be the next Bill Gates. This would be a good time to say “Earth to the “Real g’s”” – Read the biography of Bill Gates first before you start comparing yourself to him.

Our generation isn’t all too bad, though. There are those people out there who have decided to be different. There are young people out there who will become greater than those around them within the next few years – months even. We live in a fast world. We live in a world full of opportunities. There are young people out there who have realized this and are doing something about it.

I wish to see more kids doing this. I pray that the generation of today will look past the capricious things of today.

Because at the end of the day, when those things are gone, what will the world see? Who will the world see?

Before the attacks come – I am merely observing. Half these observations are observations I relate to. I am a disgruntled kid because I once was one of those kids who was focused on the “party of tomorrow”. I’m now set on the path of today and I’d love to see everyone else doing so.

I’m not perfect. Just pained. We can’t let all our potential go to waste.

We just can’t.


One thought on “Food For Thought: A Disgruntled Mind

  1. in my point of view..people are so absorbed in the material sensless things of this world to uncover the potential they have..its there..just hidden somewhere..

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