Wonderful readers! First – timers: welcome! Please feel free to browse through the other posts on this young blog. To those who aren’t first-timers..I don’t know what to call you but you’re awesome! Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out the thoughts I’ve compiled on this post!


Anywho! I’ve just realized that I haven’t uploaded a proper post – one that’s freshly written – in 3 weeks. *gasp* Terrible, ain’t it? Funny thing is…I’ve got all these ideas buzzing in my head. Ideas that’ll most definitely garner a response of some sort! The dilemma I was faced with, however, as I sat by my laptop was – “Where do I begin?”. So I pondered…and pondered…and pondered some more. I started reflecting too. The past 3 weeks have been…well…fruitful. Let me put it that way. Fruitful in terms of lessons. I’ve made mistakes – hectic and not so hectic. I’ve strengthened friendships and lost a few. I’ve been confused. I’ve been philosophic. I’ve been hugged. I’ve been used. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been amused.

One thing I’ve learnt about the world we live in is: no matter where you are people will always talk. If you haven’t been the topic of people’s discussion…just wait. They will find something to speak about. Where I live…gossip is fresher than the water. There is always someone being spoken about. There is always something coming up.

That’s not the topic of my discussion though. I just felt like sharing that with you. What I’m more fascinated by…is the level of fakeness – if that’s even a word – we as human beings incorporate into our lives.

“Hmmm…why facebook friend someone you barely know – deliberately? Why like some girl’s pics on Facebook, instagram, etc. When you can’t bear the sight of her in person? Why get touched when your ‘enemy’ unfriends or unfollows you? Social networking ka…the Fountain of Fake.”

That was a status I put up the other day. I put it up because something sparked in me when I was walking to class. I bumped into a girl who’d recently sent me a request on Facebook. I’m on good terms with her friends and she’s even liked a few of my photos. The look she gave me…if looks could kill you’d all be attending my funeral. She gave me a frosty “Hi.”, gave me the one-over and carried on. Fair enough I was wearing a dress in “cold” weather but still…what’s it to her? What’s it to anyone? I can wear what I want to wear and you must accept it the same way I accept what you wear. I can be whoever I want to be and you have to accept it. Good or bad…you cannot do anything about it. Talking about it only shows that I’m such a concern to you…you have to speak about it.

See what I did there? No? Relax…that wasn’t me demanding anything. I was just revealing something we all fail to understand. Everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be. I find it funny…we always go around saying “I’m different” and “Don’t judge”…but in an hour or so…we’re throwing our noses at someone. Yet we fail to realize that we’ve made mistakes too. I’ve made a fair share of mistakes…and I’m guilty of being a hypocrite. There I admitted it. I’ve put myself on a shady pedestal. How about you?

I’ve given you enough to think about on that topic. Now…for the pretenders out there – and oooooh there are many! Why pretend? Why pretend to be one person today and someone else elsewhere? Be who you are. I remember I once got into an argument with someone.

“Chipo, you pretend to be such a good girl but then I see you going out on a Friday Night?”

Wait. Hold up. – that’s what I said. “I’ve never denied my love for fun.” Yes I like to go out and have fun with friends. Sometimes I go overboard…and I’ve learnt my lesson on that one…but so what? Let me deal with the consequences of my actions! And the same goes for everyone else. I, myself, have no right to play the judge in someone else’s situations.


Loose girls. By that I mean ladies who are frisky with the men. If that’s who you are…then be that! Don’t go around sleeping around today, and then start judging other girls the next day. Drunkards…If you love the bottle then love that bottle! People who love the “Y.O.L.O” movement…embrace it then! If that’s who you are…then be that person! IF you like to go to the club and have fun, then do so. But do not come around here the next day saying “Ah! Did you hear? So-and-so went out? Ah guys I’m glad I never go out!”. You’re being fake. If you’re a backstabber on the daily…then let it be known! Be who you are! Who am I to judge what you get up to? I’m not afraid to admit that there are some people in my life who are the bane of my existence…but I still smile at them and say hi. Go ahead! Get touched! But realize that you do it too! I’m probably one of those people you cannot stand.

Be you! Why care about what other people think, huh? Be yourself!

Logo-BUT1and that’s a big BUT.

Be willing to face the consequences of your ‘being yourself’. If you’re a loose individual…do not be surprised when STI’s and STD’s become relevant factors in your life. If you’re too friendly with the bottle…do not be surprised when your liver fails when you reach the age of 30. If you’re a backstabber…do not be surprised when your friends turn on you.

We all have the freedom to choose to be whoever and whatever we want. But with that choice comes great consequences. The problem with our damn entitled generation is that we seem to have forgotten that “consequences” exist. They do. Consequences aren’t necessarily bad. Our choices determine the consequences and reactions that come about. Remember that the next time.

So ladies and gentlemen…there we have it. Be yourself – whoever that is. But be prepared. If you don’t like who you are and you don’t like the attention it’s causing – then flipping change. Don’t start incorporating double standards into your life. Those go nowhere.

Anywho! That is all for now! Smile! Laugh! Live!

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