Chipochashe: What’s In My Name? Too Much.

*The Downlow: So WordPress had a Daily Prompt for its writers: Write about your first name.

Chipochashe. A Shona name. Gift of God. Gift from God. When I actually realized the translation behind my name, I laughed.

“So I can go around saying I’m God’s gift to the world and I won’t be lying? Sweet.”

The things that go through my mind are rather fascinating if you ask me. They are original, Chipochashe thoughts. When I think of my first name, a real warm glow radiates from my heart? Why? Because the beauty and power that the very name possesses is something I learn about each day. Now relax now. I am not trying to be arrogant. There is power behind a name. I’ve seen enough cases to deem that statement true in my mind. Names affect us in one way or another – whether we know the meaning of our name or not. Why is that? Well some people blame it on Fate. Others think it’s all in the subconscious. Me? Well once I know, I’ll let you know.

Anyway, so some of the pointers WordPress offered were:

“Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?”

Are you named after someone or something?

I wasn’t named after anyone. My mother made sure of it. She has never been a fan of naming children after specific people – she had her reasons and I understand them. The funny thing is…I wasn’t actually meant to be named Chipochashe. She wanted to name me Chidochashe – yes my foreign friends, there is a difference. It means the will of God – something like that. I can see why my mother wanted to give me that name. Anyway, a family member had her child a couple of months before I was born and the baby girl was named “Chidochashe”. For some reason, my mum was rather unimpressed at her baby-to-be’s name being taken – so she discovered “Chipochashe” and here I am today.

Are there any stories or associations attached to it?

There are an infinite number of stories associated to my name. Each day produces a new story to add to “Chipochashe”. One thing I know is that my name has played a vital role in my life – since day one. I won’t give the gory details but my birth was a rather tricky one – rather tricky is an understatement. I’ve had enough the near-death experiences in my life – especially when I was a toddler. The fact that I am alive and 120% healthy is more than enough for my parents to see me as a gift from God. My life is a gift from God to me. That is how I see it. I know I am a talented person when it comes to the performing arts and those gifts just echo “Chipochashe” whenever I think of them. There’s a mystery in a name that allows the owner to do certain things. I always strive to be a blessing in my loved one’s lives. If I were to choose – and it has happened enough the times – I’d rather go to bed hungry and know that I’ve managed to help a loved one have a meal. That’s just who I am. I live to make my loved ones smile. Chipochashe. It’s a powerful name and I cannot fail to live up to it. Imagine.

“That girl with such a powerful name but she doesn’t realize it?”

I’d rather be blind, deaf and mute – dramatic yes but you have to have my mind and heart to understand where I am coming from.

If you had a choice, would you rename yourself?

Never. No way. Not a chance. No. Nope. Nah uh. Absolutely not!

When I think of my mum’s story about my name I often sigh with relief and say “I’m glad that happened.” To me my name isn’t just well…my name. It’s me! From the numerous teachers who butchered my name to the number of times my mother has used my name to call me when I’m in trouble – it definitely wouldn’t have been the same. There’s an identity that I’ve formed with “Chipochashe” that definitely couldn’t have been replicated with any other name. The joy I get when people ask me “What’s your name” and I unleash a “Chipochashe” and they’re like “Ch-what?” That’s me! The reminders I get whenever I discover another level of my talents – that’s me. Chipochashe, the girl who shakes those around her and shows them that life isn’t just a bunch of black and white photos. There is colour. Lots of it. My name is a rainbow dripping with colours – some not even known by human beings. That’s how special I am. That’s how amazing I, Chipochashe, am. You can judge my boldness and belief as much as you want, dear reader, but why don’t you take a second to stop and ask yourself why you can’t be like that with your name too?

We have our names for a reason. If you don’t like your name then change it to something that works. We as human beings have the power to make life work for us. Oh, if only we’d realize that!

So that’s Chipochashe in a nutshell – if I go on any further I’ll end up writing a book instead of a post – hmmm, not a bad idea.

I shall close this post with a poem I composed:

“Gift from God.

God’s gift.

His Chosen One to take the world and

Shake it.

Shake it ‘til it moves to the rhythm of

Inspiration and Motivation.

I am Chipochashe –

Hear me roar. See my awesomeness.

I am Chipochashe.

Born to shake the world.

Blessed to inspire.

Living to make my loved ones smile.

A gift from God and a gift to others.

Appreciating the gifts others bring me in the form of

Love, Joy and Happiness.


One of a kind.

Watch this space.

Watch me take my place.”


Beneath Your Beautiful: Instagram, Make-Up and Filters

Wonderful readers! I have returned! – Lol, listen to me getting all dramatic. Anyway!

It has been a while since I added my pocket full of cents (sense, maybe?). I must admit…the past few months have been rather hectic. Fruitful! But hectic. Friends were made. Friends were lost. Bridges – and hair, fingers and toes – were burned. Some are being reconstructed. All in all…Chipo is growing up! *insert random applause here*

So, wonderful readers (both new and old), today’s topic is going to be a little soppy but there’s nothing wrong with a little soppy every now and then! But first – a story!

So during my attempts to study, I decided to go through a few pictures I’d taken a couple of days ago – boredom had taken over. I found one that was totally…weird. But I loved it and for some reason, I wanted to make it my cover photo on Facebook.

“But it’s not ‘pretty’, Chipo. People will think it’s weird.” – my inner voice spoke up.

I froze.

“Edit it first.” It continued. “You know? A little grayscale effect and a bit of smoothening then bam! Hellloooo pretty Mama!”

I felt myself agree with my thoughts as I attempted to close the photo. Suddenly – I’m not being dramatic here – a stronger thought entered my mind.

“Since when were you a girl who hid behind lots of effects just to look ‘pretty’?”

I honestly felt rather nauseous – and trust me it had nothing to do with the lame cafeteria food I’d eaten. The thought came in quietly but it had a hell of a ripple effect! I removed my hand from my mouse and stared at the photo. I reflected on my life for a few seconds. It had been a while since I’d last put up a real “No filter” photo.

“No one will like your photo” The inner voice tried again. I think I need to invest in a new inner voice. This one’s becoming a problem.

I’d become “that” girl. “That girl” who dolls up her photos or ONLY puts up pretty-looking photos just to prove to the world that “Hey! I’m super pretty too and you better know it!” Sounds lame, huh?

Well that’s what a lot of people (Male AND Female) feel when they put up photos. All of these glamorous, movie-star looking, edited photographs that end up with 56 likes. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong. Hey, I don’t mind a couple of likes for a photo every now and then – or more frequently than that.

The problem comes, though, when we become incapable of putting up a real “no filter”/”glitz and glam” photo on because we’re afraid of what people will say. The power we give Facebook Like’s is pretty scary. The fate of a simple click has the ability to crush or build one’s self-esteem in seconds. Is this life, people? Is this life?

Sure zits and uneven skin aren’t exactly the highlights of a photo but we kinda have to realize that just because we erase them on a photo on Instagram…people will see the real deal the next day.

“Well that’s what concealer is for, Chipo.” Someone just said as they read this.

Well, honey, there’s only so much help concealer can provide before it turns on you and turns your skin into something you wish you could physically filter. True story.


Look, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with make-up, photo-editing and all that jazz. I partake in those things too. But I’d like to think that I remember that these things aren’t the be-all and end-all of our self-esteem and appearance. I like to walk around without make-up sometimes (or often) because I don’t want to lose sight of what I truly look like.

Random pointer. Ladies, if you cake on that make-up just to get a man remember something…there will come a time where he WILL see you without that make-up…and I pray  he doesn’t go “Ohhhh snap!”

Instagram is a great place to exhibit our editing abilities but hey…let’s not let it get to our heads. There are enough the cover-girls and cover-guys in the thousands of magazines out there.

It’s okay to show the world who you really are. Because, honestly speaking, you can look absolutely stunning with that make-up or in those glamorized photos but…if you don’t have the self-esteem and personality to match it…you’re kinda wasting your time. I’m just saying…

By the way: For those of you who may feel offended by this post please realize something I NEVER MENTIONED YOUR NAME. If the shoe fits well…wear it. If you don’t want to wear it…find some better looking shoes that’ll make you look good!

I think my rant is over. I’d like to end this post with a status I put up the other day

“I want to see the real you. The real beautiful you. Beneath the fake beauty Instagram, Filters, and Make-Up give you. Why? Because You can erase edited photos. You wash off make-up at the end of the day. That fake stuff? Disposable. But let me tell you something. No one can ever erase, wipe out, or wash of the real beauty you were born with!”

realy beauty*comments of all opinions – mature though – are welcome :)*