Distance||Far From Him – A dedication to all those long-distance lovers out there.


The DownLow

Well today’s WordPress Daily Prompt encourages poets, artists, and photographers to display/depict “Distance”. I decided to express my inner poet – yes- and make this piece rather sentimental (see: mushy). But, as usual, this does not depict events in my real life. Some of you may think that there’s no need for me to emphasize this but trust me there is! – That’s a post for another day.


Distance From Him


Late night. Dark Sky.

Well, fairly dark as the stars puncture the black expanse

Above me.

No moon, sadly. Its presence would be fitting.

Fitting in with my current state of mind.

My puzzled state of mind?

What a state indeed.


Position plays an important role in the thoughts churning

From my mind and flowing into my trembling soul.

My here is not his here as he is far away in a land called


“There” being so far from my “here” it hurts to even think of

The technicalities and the reality of this loathsome thing

I call distance.


Distance and I are not friends.

Distance and I share no good thing whatsoever.

Distance keeps me from him.

Distance laughs at my pain of learning to live with

“I miss you” and the tonnes of

“I can’t wait to see you” messages we share to keep us sane.


This isn’t written to impress. This isn’t written for your approval.

This piece merely serves as a sign of the remnant of the upheaval

In my enduring heart as I count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

This here isn’t for me. It isn’t for a singular “you”.

It’s for all of those who know what I’m talking about when I say there is pain

And endless hope, love, and excitement behind every

“I wish you were here”

“I wish you were near”

“I love you, dear.”




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