New||New Start|| New Decisions||

I Choose Life

I want to be allowed

To live and make mistakes

But learn from them so that next time there’s a fire

I run out and not in to find the source.

I want to breathe like it’s okay to embrace oxygen

Regardless of where it’s been or where it’s going.

I’d like to take a step or four without knowing

Where it’s headed or where it’s not.

I’d like to have faith and keep moving

Knowing that I’ll end up where I’m meant to be.

That is my reality.

I want to be able to walk about without minding the eyes

Of the crowd that sits and waits for me

To trip and fall

To hit and miss

To tell after a kiss

To jump up and collide with a bird and fall into the crowd and

Join the herd that’s called “Normal”.

I’m not normal.

What is that? Really, what?

Because I’ve been different and it felt a lot

Better than trying to be a replica of this person or that one

With the hair, eyes, and nose.

Everyone knows they’re special.

Not everyone has the courage to embrace it with a hug and a kiss and say

“Hey, Miss, thank you for educating me on the fact that

It’s okay to stray away from the wide path and take the road

Less travelled

Less embarked upon

Less known

More dangerous

More exciting

More invigorating and

More beneficial to the essential reason why I wake up every day.

To live! To praise the God that made me

The one I am today.

You can disagree with me, that’s okay.

But I will stick to the fact that as for me and everything I believe in,

We will not be moved by your perceptions and definitions.

We will not bow down to what you say is the way.

We will go left if you say “right” not because we think you’re wrong

But because there’s another version of “right” for me to find.

I’m talking about the freedom to live!

I’m talking about the right to step out and say

“This is me! This is my life!”

Mind my mind but I’m here for a purpose and it’s NOT

To fulfil your purpose for me.

Last time I checked, I owe my life to no human being.

But To the Most High and Almighty –  that’s for sure.

I’m talking about a will to live that’s so pure

So true

That applies to you!

Come on people get up and do something

Say something if you must!

Do away with the fear and learn to trust

In what you’re capable of doing because we all know

Our deepest fear isn’t that we’re inadequate,

You and I both know that’s not true.

Our deepest fear is that one day we could look at a forest and be like

“I planted those. That’s how that forest over there grew.”

We’ve been blessed with wisdom and adorned with hands to

Cultivate this wide land but instead we’d  rather

Bury our heads

Cover our eyes

Block our ears and

Clog our minds with

Someone else’s fallacy instead of our own reality.

We’d rather live in a fantasy in our brains instead of

Plant our own and allow the rain to wash away the nonsense

And feed the fruits of our labour.

We’d rather conform instead of incoroporate courage in our


Come on. Hey I said it. Come on!

We’re too special

Too awesome

Too amazing to be mindless peas in a pod.

I’d rather be a melon

Or an orange.

Because that would mean I’m seen.

I’m not just a stereotypical green but a bright colour

Displaying my power and my ability to

Express my personality with

My talents and gifts alike.

I want to live.

I want to be alive.

I choose to live.

I choose to be alive.

I Choose Life!

(Written to the song Breakeven – The Script – live performance)


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