Personality|| My Big Heart

It scares me.

The limits and bounds I’d go for the ones I love

Without even thinking of

If they’d do it for me too.

It really does scare me when I think of what

I’m willing to do for you

Provided I don’t get arrested or anything like that,

You know?

No you don’t.

I don’t expect you to.

See, I was born with a heart – a big one at that –

Maybe too big – way too big

But that’s that.

I was born with a heart to love and a heart to make sure

That even when I don’t want to smile, I will

Because someone will see that smile and they’ll feel good inside.

I’m not idealistic – well, maybe only a bit

But I’d rather go around smiling foolishly instead of trying to bury myself

In a muddy pit of self-pity and sorrow

That’ll probably be gone tomorrow.

I’d rather put my heart on my sleeve and have open arms for those

Who grieve and those who have lost their hope.

I want to be that one who throws the rope that they’ll grab onto and

Float towards civilization from that deep blue sea of

Confusion, sadness and uncertainty.

I love to make my loved ones smile, it means the world to me when

That happiness lasts for a very long while

Because while they smile I know that whatever was bringing them down

Won’t come back to revive that frown.

No not on my watch. Not whilst I’m around.

If I see you down on the ground, best believe that I will stretch my hand

And offer it to you so you can get up and stand instead of lie

On the ground like you’re meant to die because

Right now is not the time for such. The world needs you

Way too much!

Listen to me it’s true. Why do you think there’s only one version of you?

Your DNA? Your very make-up?

So I suggest you wake up and smell whatever it is you need to smell

Coffee would be a safe one and realize that there is no one like you

That is true and you need to accept it.

Accept it and do something with the originality that has been thrust upon

Your very being in this reality of life and all of its moments.

Live in every moment you’re graced with,

Love at every chance you get,

Go about wisely though so you don’t have that many regrets but even if you do

It’s okay, because we’re not perfect

We make mistakes

Just learn from them and pick another cake in this big bakery of

Life and all its wonders.

Wonder about the world you live in, go out and explore.

I need to. Because there’s a lot more to my love for people

That I know is true.

My problem may be that I love too hard and end up with bruises on the ground.

Well to me it’s worth it, don’t ask me why.

I’m still trying to figure it out.

So please know that if you come across me I will smile and I will

Try to impart whatever this big ball of warmth in me is, on you.

I will have arms open for a hug

Teeth ready to flash a smile

An ear willing to listen and words ready to polish you up ‘til you

Glisten with the truth about you – that you are an awesome human being and

I’ll tell you that’s what I’ve seen.

It scares me that I have so much hope for the human race.

It scares me that I believe in people – even when they don’t deserve it.

Maybe I’m silly. Maybe I’m naïve.

Well let me live.

A smile a day is better than none. A laugh an hour is way better than silence.

Love over violence.

Peace over war.

It may take time for that but I know that day will I come.

I believe it. I really do.

So as for me and my big heart we’ll continue to love.

Love hard and never stop.

Never stop.

Not for a second.

Not a single one.

–          Writtent to the song Fix You (Straight No Chaser Rendition)Image


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