I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder||The Bulimic Saga|| Part 3

For part 1 and 2 click this link! 🙂


Part 3: Decision

The burning sensation in her throat was unbearable. She got up from her bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. She’d adjusted to the dizziness she experienced throughout the day. She smiled sadly. It was like a devoted pet – it followed her everywhere. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was narrower. Her cheekbones were more defined – a bit too defined. Her eyes looked tired and her lips looked like they were in serious need of petroleum jelly – lipstick was not going to fix this mess. She put her hand on her neck and was not surprised to feel heat radiating from it. Her throat felt raw and it was killing her. The dizziness was killing her. She looked at herself in the mirror.

“I’m killing myself,” she croaked. The throwing up. It had done wonders for her weight but it was destroying her wellbeing. Depression had become a standard element in her life. She was never happy. She was always stressed. Always jumpy. She’d lost her strength. Lifting her handbag was becoming a mission and that was far from good. She ran a shaking hand through her hair. For the first time in months, she’d finally seen her true reflection. She was tired. Her face looked tormented. This wasn’t the beauty she’d had in mind when she started throwing up. Was this even beauty? She wondered.

She sighed.

“I have to fix this,” she croaked. She winced.




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