You Are My Cause

“If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?”


Doing what I do every day. Striving to help people in any way possible. Making people realize that they are awesome – and I’m not saying that to make anyone feel good. IT IS THE TRUTH. You are awesome. You are beautiful. You are capable of achieving your goal. Actually…this cause is my day to day responsibility. Sure no one’s asking me to do it but I don’t care. When I do it, when I see that I’ve managed to touch a person’s heart after helping them realize that they are this big ball of awesomeness… I feel right. I feel good!

I want to continuously help teenage girls realize that they are beautiful and that they do have a future that goes beyond “getting married and having lots of babies”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but if you’re a teenage girl with a goal to get somewhere – flipping pursue that goal! I want to help guys realize that the world needs MEN. Not boys. MEN. MEN shake the world. MEN make things move. MEN find wives. I could go on.

I want to help women who’ve been abused. I want to help men who’ve been abused. Anyone. Children of all ages too. I want them to realize that they are special and they have a place in the world. A place of significance.

See, in case you haven’t noticed… I have a pretty big heart. That is my cause. The world is my cause. The insecure. The beaten down. The hurt. The uncertain. They are my cause. The ones with potential. The ones who don’t see their potential. They are my cause. Children who don’t get love. Women who constantly cry. People in pain. They are my cause.

People are my cause. Helping people is my cause. A cause that I’ll throw myself into regardless of what my day to day responsibilities.

People are awesome. You are awesome. If you need help, well I guess you’re my cause. Why? Because I care.

“But Chipo, you don’t even know me.”

I don’t care. I want to. Because I care.

Because that is my cause.

That will never change.


Born Identity || My Own Victory

Born Identity

Born into this world as person number:


Born into this world as an addition.

A subtraction from the world of abstract and a number up in the world

Of the real.


Daughter. Son. Builder. Ballerina. Golfer. Runner.

Label after label as the years go by.

Born into this world where everyone sits,

Holding a label that will be stuck on every part of you.

Every part available.


Turn left. “You’re going to be great.”

Turn right. “You’ll never succeed.”

Look up. Down comes “You have ADD”.

Look down. A shattered mirror reflecting bits of your

Splintered identity.


Ears open to the directions of many who “know best”.

Others who really just know worse than the worst feel that

Your hymn book of life deserves their additional verse.

Mouth closed because “you don’t know who you are”.

Subject to more labels coming from near and far.


Forget that. Forget it all.

Shove out that mirror, stand up and make a call.

A call that signals loud and clear,

“This is my Born Identity that I am here

And I am going to be – me.”


“I am going to be who I choose to be.

I am going to be my own dispostions.

I will position my self on my own shelf and determine my rank

In this big place I call life.

I am me. I am my own identity.”


I am no label.

I am no copy.

I am no puppet.

I am no one else’s story.

I am my own victory.


I Am Me.

That is my Born Identity. 

Why Are You Special?|| If I Could Repeat A Day…

If I could repeat a day?

I’d repeat today. This very day. 1st of September 2013. Why? Well…

I’ve had this niggling feeling in my mind to go to the teen service at my church and share with them. Teach them. I’d had this feeling for probably six months and today…I finally went and spoke to them. I was scared. I really was. I mean, I’m just fresh out of teenagehood and now I’m supposed to go and speak to these human beings? I know what I was like as a teenager. I saw how other teenagers responded to guidance. It was hard. Anyway, I got to the lesson and was received with listening ears and ready hearts.

I didn’t even know what I was going to talk about! I sat there and said

“God, you know what? You’ve put me here. I’ve prayed and read your Word and I’ve listened. Please let these children walk away with something.”

As I started speaking…I started telling them about myself. Where I study. What I do. The church I go to and what I do there. Then my mind made its way to a memory I hold so close to my heart.

I’m the leader of the Drama Department at my church. When I was first appointed I was scared. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide.

“Me? But I’m so young? I don’t know if I can lead!” I’d say. But God gave me His reassurance in many ways – another post for another day.

So I got to the first practice as being the leader and I began to speak to the team. I asked them to say their names, age, and what is special about them. The response I received left me wanting to cry. My dear friends struggled to say what was special about them. A couple even said “There’s nothing special about me.” I’m sitting there, looking at these amazing people. People with so much potential. People using their potential…and they had sad looks in their eyes. The sincerity in their responses touched me. I wondered why. I really did. Eventually, we all got to realize what was special about us. Some were delivered from this state of feeling inadequate. Others left confident. All in all..someone left with something.

So I tried out this exercise with the teens. The responses, once again, brought me to the verge of tears. In a good way. The first boy who was about 12/13 years old stood up proudly and said

“I’m special because God gave me the gift to play sport and run.”

Another kid stood up and said “I’m special because God gave me a spirit of generosity.”

A girl who looked like she was about 14/15 stood and said

“I’m special because God’s given me a gift to help other people and ultimately help myself through helping them.”

Their willingness and eagerness to express why they are special touched my heart. They are all gifted children and they know their source. They know where they come from. My verse for them was

Ephesians 2:10

“10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

We often forget these parts of the Bible when we go about our lives. We are God’s masterpiece. We are His Mona Lisa. His priceless work of art. And that’s what I emphasized to these teens. That we are special and we have a plan from God that has made us unique.

Their thoughtful faces and the smiles they had moved me. They may not have said much but their willingness to listen has left me feeling so happy.

So I’d like to urge you…reader…regardless of what your belief is…YOU ARE SPECIAL. Why? Well that’s for you to find out. Do it now. The moment we realize and accept and live out why we are so awesome…why we are so special…THINGS HAPPEN. Realize your potential.

Realize your purpose.

Get out there and show the world what you’re made of!