Born Identity || My Own Victory

Born Identity

Born into this world as person number:


Born into this world as an addition.

A subtraction from the world of abstract and a number up in the world

Of the real.


Daughter. Son. Builder. Ballerina. Golfer. Runner.

Label after label as the years go by.

Born into this world where everyone sits,

Holding a label that will be stuck on every part of you.

Every part available.


Turn left. “You’re going to be great.”

Turn right. “You’ll never succeed.”

Look up. Down comes “You have ADD”.

Look down. A shattered mirror reflecting bits of your

Splintered identity.


Ears open to the directions of many who “know best”.

Others who really just know worse than the worst feel that

Your hymn book of life deserves their additional verse.

Mouth closed because “you don’t know who you are”.

Subject to more labels coming from near and far.


Forget that. Forget it all.

Shove out that mirror, stand up and make a call.

A call that signals loud and clear,

“This is my Born Identity that I am here

And I am going to be – me.”


“I am going to be who I choose to be.

I am going to be my own dispostions.

I will position my self on my own shelf and determine my rank

In this big place I call life.

I am me. I am my own identity.”


I am no label.

I am no copy.

I am no puppet.

I am no one else’s story.

I am my own victory.


I Am Me.

That is my Born Identity. 


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