Her Rock || The Fight For Freedom

This week on The Chronicle’s of EveryWoman – a story on an issue that is more relevant in our lives than we think – addiction. Rather post-addiction. This is for those who are recovering addicts. This is for the addicts. This for those with addicts in their lives. And this is for those who have enough the judgement about addicts but have no idea what they go through…
Please do share. Someone needs this.

The Chronicles of EveryWoman

The sensation was becoming unbearable. She pulled at her hair. She chewed on air. She paced up and down until her feet were blistering. Her skin was prickling. Her ears were on full alert – for no reason in particular. Her lungs were crying. Crying out in pain. Crying for the craving to be satisfied. Her nerve-endings were waiting in agonizing anticipation. She danced on one spot; the demons were working overtime.

She sat down and closed her eyes.

Calm thoughts…calm thoughts…

Her fist pounded on the couch as the memories of rebellious freedom, carefree carelessness, and exhilarating rebellion filled her mind. Her mind wandered to the memories of cool nights on the rooftop, absorbing the cool air as she inhaled the nicotine. Memories of sitting in her room, laying out a fresh line of white heaven. Her fingers tingled. They longed to hold the thin stick of power, pleasure…

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