Giggling Reminiscence

It started with a friend’s post I saw the other day. She was reminiscing on a silly thing she’d done to impress a guy she liked.

I chuckled as I read her tweets because it took me back to my moments of silliness. And there have been plenty of those. Let me try think of one that won’t freak my mother out, should she discover this blog one day.

Oh yes, I remember. And forgive me, because it really is silly. You may just cringe.

When I was 11, I had an enormous crush on this one boy at my church. He had no idea who I was. I just knew that he was an awesome dancer, and way older than me. But after watching enough Teen Rom-Coms where the freshman gets the senior hottie or even *the college guy* (someone needs to explain this to me, since America has this whole underage law?), I believed that anything was possible.

Did I ever speak to the guy? Nope. Did he ever see me? I doubt it, considering he was a super tall adolescent and I was this pee-wee of a preteen.

Anyway, when my crush on him was in full effect (he was the only channel on mind, yes really), I decided that I was going to get him to notice me.  I had plans to join the dance team (could I dance? nope). But fortunately, by what I can only call a divine intervention, I moved countries. Never saw him again til years later.

And when I did, I barely recognized him. He hadn’t become ‘ugly’ or weird or anything. I just didn’t remember his face.

And I laugh as I think of that because once upon a time I used to stand on my toes to try and find him.

I’m also laughing because that wasn’t the last time I tried to do something ridiculous to impress a crush. I think I was ‘blessed’ with awkwardness in abundance lol. Because with every crush I’ve ever had, believe that there was some awkward or stupid Chipo action attached to it.

Fortunately, the damage was minimal – we hope.

But think about it. How many of us go to crazy lengths to impress the apple of our eye? The man or woman on our mind?

They say love is blind? I say crushes are lethal. Because that unstable combination of infatuation, hope and a dash of confusion, can really send you over the edge.

I’ve seen friends to crazy things in the name of a crush. I’ve seen guys spend their last to get the right outfit so they can approach the woman of their dreams.

I thought that these things die with age. They don’t. They really don’t. I feel like they worsen with age. I have no scientific explanation for this – I have no energy to fight with Google.

Think of some of the silly things you may have done in the name of having a crush on someone. It’s alright, don’t feel ashamed. Laugh. Giggle about it.

Life is a lot better when we learn to laugh at ourselves, I believe. I’m a serial tripper, I trip all the time. I’ve learned to laugh right after a near-fall. It shocks everyone around you, even silences the snide remarks that people think up.

Anyway, before I digress further:

Have a great week. Reflect on where you are now and where you were before. Regardless of where you are now, know that you have grown. You have moved. You have made some progress. It may not be to your satisfaction but it counts for something.

It does.

So smile and if you feel kind, share a memory of when you had  a crush on someone.

Bless you all



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