We still haven’t met.

That’s okay.

Though I hoped it would be today,

I’m not mad or sad.


We didn’t meet today,

That’s okay.

I know that one day that day will be ‘today’,

The day, That day, Our first day…


The day that I’ll remember with a glint in my eye.

The day we’ll try to recollect together and accuse each other

Of bad memories and white lies.

Our day.


The day your universe collided with mine and

The invisible timer reset from 22 years and a month and a bit

To Year 0 Day 1: Our Time.


Maybe, on that day, we’ll know that this is for good.


Or maybe you’ll know and I’ll take a while

But my eyes will open and I’ll realize that

“Hey… you’re a good kind of forever, so I choose you too.”

That day…That ‘today’ that’ll lead to

Aisles and guests and pretty clothes and I dos.

That day that will lead to many mini versions of us combined.

I look forward to that day, I really do.

The day I meet you.


Or maybe we’ve already met but our eyes are yet to be opened?

As we wade through life, towards each other, and towards more life…

As we are constantly prepared for assorted journeys

And our own, of course.

As we walk, as we stumble – sometimes, as we run, dance and sing…

Towards that day…

That day…


That today.

I look forward to that day.

The day it makes sense.

The day it’s official?

That our universes intertwine after collision,

And we slowly begin to make joint decisions,

From that today to more todays until…

Well, I’m not thinking about that day.

That can wait.


I can’t wait.

But I don’t mind waiting.

Because on that day this will all make sense.

Even if it doesn’t, we’ll make sense of it on our own.





That day.

That very day.



Photocred: Edri Ana


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