Rise – Six

You are a wonder.
You are a flame.
Designed to astound.
Created to amaze.
Your trail you will blaze,
For all of your days.
You, my dear, are a wonder.
And while some wonder and
Fail to understand,
You don’t stop.
Keep moving.
You keep going.
Do not stop.
When you reach the top,
Fly higher.
Born limitless.
Keep your free.
Hold your peace.
You are a wonder.
You blaze on.


Rise – Three

For the tears,
The words that pierced,
The hands that hurt,
The cuts that run
Skyscraper deep…
For the memories you keep
In a shell so far in your mind,
For the trauma…
For when it happened.
For every single time.
I pray.

Tears running from my eyes,
I pray.
As I search for more to possibly do,
I continue to pray.
That you’ll see the sun again one day.
That the wounds, so evident, one day fade.
That your smile will be full
And your joy – even fuller.
That any trigger will, one day, leave no effect.
That the love you receive will be without defect.
I pray.
That you be whole again.
I pray.

Rise – Two

Here lies a box
Empty it will remain,
Devoid of my presence – for good –
Never to inhabit it again.
Frail, threatened souls cloaked in
Counterfeit authority,
Will never have a say over me – indefinitely.
The fire within me will blaze, unashamed.
The dreams ahead of me will never be tamed.
This head was never designed to be fixed in the ground.

I stand tall
And roar.
Let the world hear my glorious sound.

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Rise – One

I’ll be posting the poems from my mini-collection, Rise, here, probably daily. I hope you enjoy them. 



May hope blossom
From the scars they left.

For every bit of pain
They tried to withdraw
May love come in and restore.

May peace be your companion
For time without end.

May everything in your life from now
Be nothing but the best.



Thank you to Kuda Mukudu aka @Thee_Kuda for the cover art.