When I decided to stop posting on this blog, I thought I’d never return.

I saw this blog as purposeless. I felt like it had no direction. I felt like I was writing for ‘no reason’.

When I first started ‘Mind My Mind But…’ I thought that it was going to be a platform for me to express the various thoughts that frequent my mind. Until I ran out of ideas.

“What now?”

I hadn’t banked on that. I thought I’d be able to write with ease. I had the potential, right? I had the talent.

But all of that meant nothing because I lacked discipline. The discipline required to write a post every week. I underestimated the feat. I thought that writing a post every Friday would be easy.

I was wrong. I’d forgotten about the curved balls life loves to throw. Thursday evening would come and I’d be drowning in assignments. Where was my time to blog? Gone.

So I let it go. I tried to ‘revive’ the blog countless times, but I just couldn’t maintain it.

So when I got the idea for my other blog, The Chronicles of EveryWoman, I abandoned this blog so quickly.

I was tempted to delete it but something kept stopping me from doing that. I’d like to call it a divine intervention.

Because on Wednesday night, after seeing a couple of people suddenly follow this long-dead blog, inspiration hit me.

Ideas rushed through my mind. I opened the blog for the first time in years and instead of seeing a washed up failure, I saw opportunity.

I love my blog The Chronicles of EveryWoman…God has been doing such amazing things there.

But there were posts that I couldn’t put up on that blog because…relevance. Can’t be posting about current affairs or the likes on a blog that is designed to encourage and edify.

It may work for some people, but not me.

I’ve also gathered a lot of observations and ideas since I abandoned this beauty.

And I plan to put them here. But this blog isn’t just for me. I want it to be for other creatives too. Writers and poets, specifically.

Mind My Mind But… is about expression. It’s about evoking thoughts, starting conversations.

I pray that it becomes something you, the reader, values.

As for its direction? Well, I have a blurry idea regarding where it’s headed and that’s all I need.

I’ve learned that in this life, a full, detailed plan of the journeys we take…is a myth. Sometimes (read all the time) you need faith and a little bit of crazy to keep going.

So once again, welcome to Mind My Mind But…

Read. Receive. Respond.