Dreams Money Can Buy?

**My Take…On Dreams**


Dreams Money Can Buy

“I want it all!”

Luxuries. Luxuries everywhere.

“I want it all so I won’t have to care

About the worries of the world because my cares would’ve been met.

Substantially. Excessively. Completely. Wholly.”


Hands everywhere. Hands grabbing. Hands flailing.

Madness crying from all pores of the materialistic as they

Pine for the lavish. As they crave the luxurious.

As they hunger for the shiny gold at the end of their

Dream-chasing, back-breaking rainbow.


Dollar, dollar, dollar. They all want the dollar.

The dollar that comes with no stress.

The dollar that’ll buy that Vera Wang dress

Today, tomorrow, and forever.

The dollar bill that’ll drive a human mad enough to kill.


They want the worries of the world, washed down by the riches.

They want the pain to be healed by the sudden fame.

The accolades and the Escalades will suddenly cascade into their lives

Bringing back their wives and settling their husbands.

They crave for riches – their “Promise Land”.


Dreams money can buy. That’s all they see.

Dreams money can buy…does not seem like a reality.

More like a futile fantasy in the minds of the trapped.

An empty promise seeded in their heads as they slave away

In that little boxed office until they’re dead.


Money won’t give you your dreams.

Fame won’t fix what’s broken.

Gold is no painkiller. Diamonds are no healing pill.

Dig deeper than that. Travel the path less taken.

Dreams money can buy? Don’t be mistaken.




Greatness – More than the Average.



Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.


*Something a little different today. A poetic attempt at defining greatness.*



The behemoth. The giant.

Gigantor – the one and only.

The one who’s been ordained close to holy

All because of his stature – as colossal as it is.

All the tiny minions look upon him and cower in awe and wonder.

“He’s the one. He’s the great.” – They mutter. They gasp.

Their mouths open wide as he flexes his grasp

In front of the little ones. The people. The humans.

The humans call him great. He sees himself and says

“Greatness? Me?”

He nods.

“Greatness. Me.”

“Greatness is Me.”

But is Greatness really the great big monster we can’t comprehend?

Is it really the big mystery which seems to have no end?

I think not. Really. I think not.

I think we have forgotten. Yes. We’re quite lost.

Greatness is not defined by the size we see with our eyes.

Greatness is sized up by the actions, the words, the feats of one

Who chose to despise

The ways of being normal. The life of being plain.

Greatness was in King David when he defeated the great giant

That towered over him.

Greatness was in the people, the ‘weird’ people, who chose to

Chase their dreams and use their talents whilst others were too busy

Falling, tripping, and stumbling on the corporate ladder to nowhere.

Greatness is in those who choose to perservere.

It’s in those who stand even when life says “Sit”,

Who make a big something out of a little “it”.

Greatness knows no size. Greatness knows no form.

Greatness wondering around waiting to explode in the life of another

Human being who has seen that life can mean

So much more

If you just learn to strive for a little more

Than the average Joe.

I’ll speak to that.