So yesterday they announced that Durban won (let’s not go into logistics) the bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Whilst everyone commented on the relevance of the Commonwealth Games and the controversy surrounding them, I was sitting in front of my laptop with my jaw on the floor.

I realized that in 2022, I’ll be 29. Twenty-Freaking-Nine. This hit me because I’d drifted into a dreamy world of ‘Forever Young’. Sometimes I still think I’m 20. And I realized that between now and 2022, my life is going to experience so many changes. Time seems to speed up drastically after 21 – or so I’ve heard.

I had so many questions. I have so many questions.

On the day of these Commonwealth Games in 2022, where will I be? What will I be doing? I’m not asking in some existential-crisis kind of way. No.

I genuinely want to know.

29…Will I be married by then? Will I have kids? Will I have complimentary tickets to the games or will I be reflecting on the dreams I had at this age that never came to pass?

I’m a firm believer that I will fulfill my goals and I’m working towards them, but sometimes I do have those moments where I wonder.

In a world full of disillusioned dreamers, sometimes I do ask myself why I think I’ll be the special one who made it? My answer used to be, “Well God is on my side.” Then I met disillusioned dreaming Christians who also have/had God on their side.

Seven years from now the world will definitely not be what it is today. Will it be good? Will it be worse? What is worse? Where is rock bottom?

My country, Zimbabwe. I wonder all the time. Where will it be in Seven years? Seven years ago we had, what we thought was, the worst economic and political situation in a very long time. We thought that was rock bottom.

But in this 2015, where people are being laid off on then daily, vendors are being run off the streets, and more and more university students are becoming airtime vendors and Sadza sellers…What will the next seven years bring?

The questions keep flowing in. Several of my peers are already married/on their way there. When will the day come where I receive my first wedding invitation? Who among my group of friends will get married first?

Please don’t mistake my questions for pessimism or resignation. I am an optimist. Sometimes more than I should be. I have dreams. Some of them have already come true. Some are in the making. Some are still in my head.

I’m not one to talk about them. I believe in letting the results speak for me. Much easier way to deal with doubters.

I look forward to seeing where my life goes. It scares me, though. In nine months, my life has changed in so many ways. So when I think of seven years? *shudders*

But it was a much-needed reality check. Moment of reflection. Mirror moment? Okay.

It reminded me of why I need to keep pushing, keep going. I don’t want to leave this earth as just “somebody who tried”.

I want to be somebody who has touched lives. Not for the fame or the glory or whatever 95% of the human population (my guess) is chasing after…

There’s just something about seeing a genuine smile break out on someone’s face, especially when they’ve been down and out for so long.

There’s something about seeing someone who’d lost all hope, begin to hope and believe again…

Humans. We’re crazy. We’re destructive. We’re something else. But we’re also beautiful. We have the power to do such amazing, fulfilling things. Some are already doing that.

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

I have no idea where I’ll be in 2022, but I look forward to finding out.

How about you?