Wait…Wait!!! Don’t go! Stop!

Have I got your attention now? Yes? Yes? Yes!

*Clears Throat* Well then!

Welcome to “Mind My Mind But…” – the place for entertainment, enlightenment and – possibly – education of some sort. “Mind My Mind But…” is a platform on which I, a very observant and sometimes unnecessarily curious writer, posts about the ramblings that go on in my young – yet aging – mind. Every Friday, a new post comes up and you – the wonderful reader – get to indulge in my nattering. Topics range from motivating you to live life to the fullest (but of course!) to the current fads of today (see “Swag”). Here’s the best part: You don’t have to agree with me! Yes! This blog is open to discussions, interpretations,  ideologies, theories, and opinions of all sorts – as long as they aren’t inappropriate (let’s all be nice here, people!).

So that’s all for now. WAIT! Don’t go yet! You haven’t checked out my posts yet – have you? Well go ahead and do so!

Tell your friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, ex-bosses, enemies and frenemies about this blog! It’s going somewhere – trust me!

Thank you for being a good sport and reading ’til the end 🙂




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